Some of you might have stumbled into the frontier of freelance writing and have discovered that it is awesome. However, they are not sure of how they can become the best-experienced writers. You have to understand that one does not just start online freelancing work just like that. It takes some level of writing skills because the aim is to become a good writer and earn good money with your skills. Some newbie writers envy the kind of rates that experienced writers earn. This journey needs patience and consistency.

What did you do when you learnt about freelance writing in the first place? As a newbie, you have so many ideas running in your head about how you are going to make money as a writer, or so it seems. However, that is not the case, but worry not, this information is meant to help you grow from a newbie to an experienced writer.

Tips for becoming the best-experienced freelance writer

If you are so interested in joining the league of experienced freelance writers, you have to know how to write first. Remember that paid freelance writing work anchors on quality, meeting deadlines and fulfilling the needs of the client. As a newbie looking forward to this, here are important tips to help you transition to the other side of excellence.

1. Determine if freelancing work is the right choice for you

Many newbies view online freelancing work as the ideal life because they answer only to themselves and work whenever they want. However, even though you are a best freelance writers, you have to be disciplined, organized and follow a specific routine. You must have self-control and treat the available time as your working hours. This is what most proficient writers do, and that is why they are paid top dollars.

2. See yourself as an entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs work harder because they want to achieve something out of their dreams and ideas. Freelancers are the same because they want to earn good money as they enhance their skills in the frontiers of online freelance work. If for instance, you left a regular job, you understand there is no regular check at the end of the month, and as such, you have to work hard. Your effort is what determines how much you are going to get every time you undertake a writing project.

3. Build your online portfolio

If you continue writing different projects for different clients, you are enhancing your skills along the way. Keep a record of some of your best works because the chances of getting another client are high. You also need to start a blog because that is the best place to put your portfolio. You might miss a good client because you do not have somewhere they can refer to the type of work you have done and its quality. Guest blogging also is another way to enhance your skills as a freelance writer. It is a professional way to demonstrate that you are serious about paid freelance writing work.

4. Enhancing your online visibility

As you grow in online freelancing work, maintain an active online presence to ensure that you are noticed especially on the social media platforms. This is where you network with other experienced freelance writers, and you can learn a thing or two about how you can improve your skills. This may also earn you referrals and land good clients.

5. Establish and stick to a routine

As a newbie, sometime you will face the temptation of being distracted, and this may lead to inefficiency. You have to inculcate a high sense of self-discipline to make yourself accountable. You can decide to start your day at 8 AM, take a shower, your breakfast, read a newspaper and emails before you embark on your day’s freelance work. You become a good time manager and dedicate enough time to the freelance writing projects that you have in a day.

6. Pitch everyday

Although you are a newbie, you can start pitching because it is one easier way of getting paid online writing gigs. Even if you are getting better every day that does not mean that new clients will start flocking to your blog every day. The internet is big, and some of this client might not even be aware of your existence. As a freelance writer, pitch every day to get online freelancing work. You can also cold pitch to companies that are looking for a freelance writer. You never know what the results.

This is meant to give you the relevant experience of growing as a freelance writer. As you transition to being a pro, ask questions, provide solutions to problems and jobs will come flowing. You will get to earn good money out of this venture eventually. As such, you become a profitable freelance writer.

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