Our Guiding Principles

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Our Vision

We envisage ourselves as trailblazers of excellent services that every customer is seeking. Our vision encompasses maintaining professionalism through our competent team. The team of elite writes that we hire enhances the diversity that we seek. We look forward to becoming one of the best writing companies that offer a wide scope of writing solutions to our clients. This is why we hire different writers from different cultures and different languages specialy from Kenya to offer the company a chance to learn more in different fields of academic and freelance writing.

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Our Mission

We are ready to use resources to get a team of writers who are ready to put their writing skills to the best use. We provide an opportunity for different writers willing to join our team who are looking paid online writing jobs  and nurture their skills and realize their full writing potential. We have an existing system of incentives that motivate our writers to work hard. The idea is to help them finish their writing tasks without any problems or negative feedback. This enhances your chances of growing together with the company. We understand that our reputation relies on the kind of services that we offer, which is why we always look forward to adding the best and skilled workforce in our team.

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Writing Policy

Every writer is free to give his input depending on the assignment that he is handling. We have to work together to realize every goal that we set as a best freelance writing sites. Your input is valued and should be guided by the following important points:


We value originality of the work that we offer to our clients. When you join our team, rest assured we value an informed independent thought that is essential in writing original works.

Adherence to instruction

As a top freelance writers, once you receive an order from a client, it is important you go through the instructions. Consult with the client because we have established a perfect and working system of communication.

Adherence to paper instructions

Before you start any paper, ensure that you understand what the assignment requires of you. It helps a lot in avoiding unnecessary revisions.

Do not copy and paste

You only do this only when you are paraphrasing or quoting word for word. Otherwise, it is important you only how to express information in a manner that is original.

Referencing and formatting

Every writer in our team must be conversant in most, if not all of the formatting styles. Your knowledge of APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago Manual style and other styles is important since you will be handling many academic write-ups.
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Our Revision Policy

As an online essay writing company, we understand that there are times when the clients need a revision of their work. If you are one of our writers, this is supposed to be taken very seriously. If you do not adhere to the revision instruction, we have no option but to cancel the order and hand it over to another writer in the team.

However, at times, the client may introduce some additional instructions that digress from the original order. As such, you need to contact our writer support team to know the way forward. We discuss the issue with the client and if he agrees, you do the revision at a price that equals the amended parts. We have been in the writing business for a long time and we understand the reasons for revision. Some of the reasons that might drive a client to demand a revision include:

  • Referencing and citation issues
  • Punctuation mistakes
  • Incorrect bibliography or lack thereof
  • Grammatical errors
  • Failure to follow the required paper format as recommended by the client
  • The flow of information in the paper

You have to pay attention to every instruction that you receive pertaining to the work that you write for the client. As a company, we do not have the minimum number of revision a client should receive. However, in cases where all the revision instructions are in order, you only need to contact the writer support team for clarifications and further directions.

Kickstart Your Writing Career Online Writing Company

We welcome you to kick-start your career at crazyprofessors.com and you will not regret. We offer the best diversity of writing tasks and as such, we not only grow your skills but also enhance your knowledge in different fields. Being a CrazyProfessors.com writer guarantees you a chance to work without supervision once you satisfy the interview process that we take you through.

How To Apply

The application follows a very simple process. It includes:
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Fill in the application form
of a writer

competency test

Sit for and pass
the competency tests

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Start earning with your skills

Have you ever thought about earning money from the comfort of your home? We are ready to direct tons of writing assignments to you depending on your skill and availability. One secret to making money in our online writing company is a dedication and hard work. If you have innovative writing skills, rest assured you are going to make a good amount of money by the end of the month.

We shall give you different assignments that are based on diverse thematic areas as well as different academic levels. Our offer is still

there. If you want to become one of the best author associated with the leading custom online writing company, then you have an opportunity to write as much as you can deliver. This is your chance to establish a steady income from the comfort of your home.

Look, many students out there need help with various assignments. Other professional organizations want help with their reports and business-related articles. This is your chance to ensure that you maximize the availability of a job and make the best out of it.

As an equal and competent employer,
this is what we guarantee:

Decent salary

You will be earning a decent salary for the services that you render on behalf of the company.

Excellent and convenient working conditions

The fact that you are working from home gives you excellent and conducive working conditions. You do not have to drive to work anymore.

Adequate room for personal development

Since you will handle assignments based on diverse fields, you will enhance your knowledge and advance your writing skills. As such, you will develop as an author every day.

Ability to adjust the workload by yourself

Rhe good think about working at CrazyProfessors.com is that you get to only ask for the workload that you can manage. As such, there is not any form of pressure since you know your capability.

Ability to choose from the diverse writing tasks

At CrazyProfessors.com, we have writers who have specialized in different fields. As such, you have a chance to choose only the assignments from the fields that you are conversant with. This does not hinder you from trying other fields, provided you are confident enough to produce excellent work.
As earlier stated we have motivational incentives for every writer but the highest rated writers receive bonuses for their excellent service. This is why we encourage excellence at all times. These bonuses are premised on the following :

    • Your ability to finish your assignments on time and satisfying the customers
      This guarantees you a direct bonus because customer satisfaction is what we always look forward to. This can also get you an advanced status to enable you to receive more orders henceforth.
  • Just in case of your long-standing successful cooperation and productivity, you st6and a chance of getting an advanced status as an author that comes with its fair share of advantages. You will join the team of Elite Writers who have accomplished so much in the company.


There is no point of having internet in the house if you cannot make something out of it. If you are a proficient writer in Kenya and you have constant internet access, you need to monetize it by applying to become one of our writers. It is the high time that internet service became a means to an end, not just for entertainment.

If you want to start your writing career today, we are your best freelance writing sites and we guarantee you that you will not regret working in our companies. Most of our writers can attest that they have made an enormous stride in enhancing their authoring skills. Not only do you get to better your writing skills, but also develop a new niche for yourself. Once you figure out what kind of writing works best for you, there is a chance to try other possible writing prospects. At CrazyProfessors.com, we are always making sure that we train our writers accordingly. This helps in conforming to any new trend that emerges on the world of academic writing or any other form of writing.

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