Frequently Asked Questions

paper writers for hire
What is author responsibility?
It is the obligation of the author to follow every instruction accordingly. As a writer at, you are supposed to prepare assignments within the set deadlines. You can apply to any task that corresponds with your qualification and educational background.
How long does it take a registration to sail through?
Usually, when there are is a demand for writers, it takes 1 -2 days, but on normal days, it can take up to 4 days
How frequent are your payments?
We make payments to our writers every two weeks, which means you are paid twice a month based on the amount of work you have done.
What salary or wages can I expect?
This depends on the task that you apply for, the number of pages, academic level, and the deadline for the assignment. You can check out our websites to see our rates.
How do I get my salary?
You can get your salary through PayPal or Wire Transfer.
Are there penalties?
Yes, there are penalties for plagiarism, overstepping deadlines, failure to follow instructions, poor language, or unjustified refusal. We make this information available in the preliminary stages of every registration
Are there specific requirements for assignments?
Every assignment must be customized according to the instructions of the client. If you are a writer at, you are supposed to ensure that the assignment has appropriate content. The instructions provided in the assignment should show you the number of pages, topic, references, and the level of language to use. The writer must use the appropriate format, prepare an original assignment without plagiarism, and place every reference correctly. All this must be done within the deadline set by the client.
How do I access writing tasks?
Once we hire you as our writer, you will be receiving a constant flow of work depending on your availability. When we register you as our writer, we assign you tasks according to your level of education and expertise. You get writing tasks once you finish every project.
Are there accrued bonuses?
If you demonstrate high working efficiency, you are guaranteed a bonus for every project that you write. The idea is to keep you motivated to write quality work and to maintain your efficiency as a writer.
Are there start-up payments for authors?
Our registration is always free. You need not worry about paying anything.

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