You are a new freelance writer worried about starting your portfolio. You have the ambition of landing online jobs, but you do not know how to start building your portfolio? You are not alone. Many freelance writers often worry about being hired because experience in most cases, is a good ingredient for hiring. Your portfolio gives you a chance to shine and attract your ideal client.

Sometimes word of mouth can work, but not as much as a display of experience that clients can see. A portfolio will make you stand out especially if you are looking for online freelance writing jobs.

Now that you are a writer, how do you come up with a portfolio convincing enough to land you high paying clients? It is some catch-22 if you cannot get more clients, but here, we are going to look at how you can build your portfolio and land some of the best-paid online writing jobs. This is how you go about it:

1. The break-in process

This process should be as fast as possible especially if you are a beginner. You ought to go for clients whom you already know what they do. It can be a small business or a small organization that you have some connection with. This is the low-hanging fruit that you can reach and relates to your life and the existing experience. It helps you to get into the freelancing business easily, building up your portfolio on your way up.

This is a client who you can convince that you want to be a freelance writer for them. It is much easier than going to look for jobs on freelance writing sites. The break-in process is a better way of landing paid online writing jobs.

2.  Start blogging

This is one of the fastest and easiest ways to land paid online writing jobs. If you a blog in the freelance writing business, you are a step ahead.

  • A blog comes with many benefits besides helping you land excellent clients.
  • It enhances your skills as a writer.
  • Your page gets ranked by Google as well as other search engines. If you incorporate SEO with related keywords, your posts become indexed You build a loyal audience since they will be checking your blog for new articles and content.
  • Blogging helps you to promote content especially on social media where you can share anything and redirect readers to your site.
  • However, before you start a blog, be sure about what you will be writing. Some writers develop content outside their business whereas others concentrate on one thing.

3. Guest post

Guest posting is having your blog on another person’s site with your author bio. Guest posting happens on the sites that you enjoy reading, sites that are in your niche and it is a way of landing paid online writing jobs. However, not every guest post is paid for, though some sites do.

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4.  Make regular contributions to a site

If you want to land writing jobs on freelance writing sites, you can be noticed through regular contributions to different niche sites. All the contributions that you make to these sites contain your bio and links, a perfect recipe for your portfolio. Remember you are garnering for pain online writing jobs and different freelance writing sites will have links to direct clients. When making your contribution, ensure that the sites:

  • Is highly authoritative and gets a lot of traffic as well as wide shares on social media.
  • Is willing to pay for your content. In other words, your contribution will elicit queries in your niche.
  • Must contain excellent content since many people will view it

5. Choose your writing services

When developing your portfolio, you need to be clear about what you are going to offer to your clients. When choosing what you are going to offer your client. When deciding on the services that you are going to offer to think of the client and show them what you can achieve for them. Make it about them. If you are more specific, you enhance your chances of doing the right kind of writing for which you want to be famous.


Freelance writing is a dream comes true especially if you have something to show. Developing your portfolio is a sure way of landing jobs on freelance writing websites. Once you experience the awesomeness of freelance writing and the benefits involved, you start looking for clients. What speaks for you, in this case, is the portfolio. Creating convincing evidence of your previous work is important especially for a beginner looking to land paid online writing jobs.

When you build a good portfolio, you have a better standing when you are negotiating terms of payment. Since the client will see your past works, they will have an idea of what you are going to offer, prompting them to come prepared with better rates for your services. So if you need to build your portfolio, the above steps are a good starter. Showcase what you can do to potential clients, and you will start reaping the benefits of being a freelance writer, whether you are experienced, or you are just starting out. The process should not be difficult, and as such, it is the high time to get started, and land paid online writing jobs on freelance writing websites.

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