Benefits of working

You get many benefits when you work with us. Before we even get to that, let us first explore the general benefits of working online.

General Benefits of Working Online

  • Freedom – you get to do what you love and you have the right to choose the type of work to deal with.
  • Diversity – as a writer, you will encounter different topics, tasks, projects, as well as goals.
  • As an online writer, you never get bored as opposed to when you would stay free or feel under pressure
  • Satisfaction – every time you finish a project and the client is happy, you get a sense of satisfaction knowing your skills paid off.
  • You are your own boss – you can work at any time that you wish. You make schedules as per your own comfort and work within that schedule. You have the power to decide when to take a break and when to work.
  • You can become a writing coach – by working with other creative writers, you can become a mentor to them
  • Workplace is never a problem – you can work anywhere regardless of whether there is electricity or not.

When you work as a freelance writer, your job becomes rewarding and flexible. It is really fun to work this way especially when you have a reliable company to work with. The benefits of working in our company include:
online writing sites that pay
free registration on writing sites


We do not charge you if you want to register with us as a freelance writer and online writing jobs in Kenya. Once you register with us, you are free to submit your application as soon as you can.

On time payment for writing work


We do not delay any payments that we owe our writers. Every payment is made in good time. Once you become our writer, there is not one day you will get your salary late. We want to keep our personnel always happy.
get constant writing work


If you become our write, you will never lack a job. We have so many orders that come our way every day. We always keep our writers busy thanks to the trust that we have earned from our customers.
Get writer support and help


We have a dedicated team of writer support that is always available if you have any queries as a writer. You can consult them in cases where there are additional revision instructions, or when there is a pertinent issue that might affect the way you work
flexible working hours


Once we hire you as a writer, it does not mean you will be working from morning until evening. Depending on your schedule, you can work at any time of the day or night. The flexibility of working hours gives room for your preference in terms of when you want to work.
hire best writer


We have the best rates that we offer our writers in different categories. Our rates are competitive and we strive to keep our writers motivated by offering them the highest wages and salaries in the market.
get highest payment for writer


You will always get a constant flow of work in the fields that you choose. You need not worry about working in unfamiliar areas, though we encourage one to be very versatile.

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