Guest posting is arguably one of the best online marketing tools that marketers can invest in. It helps in spreading the intended message to potential customers. As such, if you are a freelance writer and you want to delve into freelance writing business, you can consider guest posting as a way to market your writing services. You have to start somewhere, and guest posting is a sure way to be noticed by potential clients.

If you are a newbie in the writing business, you have to try every way possible to get a good client. There are different benefits that you start to gain as a top freelance writer especially if you can do online guest posts.

What is Guest Posting?

It is also commonly referred to as guest blogging, and it involves contributing a post on someone else’s blog as one seeks to build relationships, authority, links, and most importantly, exposure. Google ranking makes Links an important factor. When it comes to SEO, the guest post gives one a chance to link back from another site. With guest post sites, you get to tap into another person’s audience as you establish your authority in freelance writing.

A newbie in freelance writing can utilize guest posting to build his experience. Different guest post sites that accept content from other writers. Some of them do not pay at first, but if you are consistent enough and have quality articles or blogs, you will land a good client interested in your writing. Benefits abound when you engage in guest blogging. Let us explore some of them:

1. Instant Exposure

Once you start offering your blogs to guest post sites you get the required exposure as a freelance writer. However, you have to ensure that your content piques the interest of your target audience. If you have quality content, you will attract good traffic to the site, which means the potential chances of landing clients.

2. Expanding your Network

Guest posting has made networking much easier. For instance, you can take part in contributing in some of the guest post sites through your content, thereby engaging with other contributors who have an interest in related areas of expertise. You also get a chance to co-author posts that are interesting to the audience. What you need is to remain active within that community of contributors, leave your comments, share posts and so on. If you have access to influencers, you can also invite them to contribute to your blog.

3. Building Your Portfolio and Credibility

The best way to know if one is worth your time and attention is by establishing if they can do what they say, they are capable of. In other words, it is putting the money where their mouth is. When you engage in guest posting, you are building your portfolio. This shows that potential clients can trust you since they can see what you can do.

4. Improves Your Writing

As a novice freelance writer, guest posts help you to improve your writing. You can write guest posts regularly. The best way to ensure that you improve your writing is by proofreading your posts. Many guest post sites will not accept content that is not written well. In fact, as a writer, you have to proofread your work before you submit it where necessary. This is regardless of whether the posts are inspirational, great or emotional it is. The readers have to find an easy time going through your content to help them in deciding what they think about your post.

5. Helps in Expanding Your Subscribers Base

It is easy for a freelance writer to gain more subscribers if he does a guest post in a day. These subscribers will comprise potential clients who will reach out to you, thereby landing you crucial business. This is regardless of whether you are looking for subscribers and traffic or not. If you manage to post content on guest post sites, you are bound to get more subscribers.

6. It Helps in Growing your Brand Awareness

Guest posting is essential in carving your niche in freelance writing. You can start by sharing tips that cannot be found anywhere else. You can leverage this opportunity to make potential clients know what you can offer as a freelance writer. This helps in growing your brand and making it more recognizable through quality content.

Guest posting is a sure way for a novice writer to market his writing skills. If you are willing to take your time to construct a quality blog, then you are on the path of becoming a better freelance writer. You can use guest post sites to build your presence online and use links to show what you have done in the past.

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