Freelance writing is a wide field and writers have different niches that they can explore and be successful. For starters, this might seem less interesting, but if you want to make substantial headway in this field, you must be known to offer services in some area. Establishing your niche makes you eligible to land direct clients and other gigs from freelance websites. As a freelance writer, you sometimes wonder where the high paying freelance gigs lurk. If you are a newbie, it would be a weird assumption even to think you can make a good income from such an endeavor. However, if you have an established niche in which you are good, why not try.

If you do not have a niche, it is better to explore want you are good at and stick to it. That does not restrict you from pursuing other aspects of freelance writing. If you are doing it full time, then you need to now different areas that you can use to maximize on your income. Remember, even if you have a niche, quality must be maintained. The idea of freelance writing is meeting and surpassing the expectations of your clients about the project at hand.

If you are looking for better-paying niches, there are many options from which you can benefit. The problem here is that not many writers know how to capitalize on the well-paying niches. This blog will provide you with different niches that you can explore and make good money out of it. Most importantly, if money is your driving force, you will not last long in the world of freelancing. Attending to every need of the client and producing high-quality projects should be your focus. Those aspects are enough to drive enough traffic in your direction, and from that, you will make good money.

The following niches are available for your exploration if you so wish. They include:

  • Advertorials

  • You can explore magazine articles with notes that say ‘advertisements’ at the top. Some of them pay $1 per word, and if you can provide useful information and serve the advertiser’s agenda, you are good to go. These articles can have quotes and have a journalistic sense in them.

  • Consumer magazine articles

  • There are many freelance writing gigs from such magazines, and you can target them to see if you are eligible. Some of them even pay $1.50 per word, so imagine if you can write an excellent 500 words article for such a magazine. You would make good money. This niche is worth exploring, especially if you are interested in magazine articles.

  • Brand Journalism

  • If you are a displaced journalist, this is a good niche for you. You can do reported stories for companies instead of a magazine. Nowadays, ads are tuned, making brand journalism a booming niche. The number of companies that are producing emagazines is rising, so why not try this one.

  • Case studies

  • For those writers interested in telling customer success stories, case studies can make a god niche especially if you understand the required format. They have good pay, and if you get clients, you can ask them about their previous case studies; the layouts used and sell them new ideas too.

  • Content marketing and strategy

  • If you have a knack for business, then this niche is for you. When a company gets a new chief executive officer, some investment firms engage in research where past co-workers tell on whether the CEO was a great leader or not. You will be paid depending on the length of your content. This niche is good for a starter.

  • Real estate

  • Buying of the property is here to stay regardless of how the market is fairing. It is a permanent fixture that brims with work for freelance writers. There is an abundance of opportunities for freelance writers. For instance, you can talk about mortgages and home financing and help companies get to their intended audience on the importance of putting a home on the market. Not only can you do writing, copy editing and other aspects apply. It is a rich niche for a writer.

  • Digital marketing

  • Digital marketing is taking over because we are living in a tech-dominated world. Every business is claiming online presence and wants to expand and maintain that presence and the audience as well. The digital market includes content marketing and as such, freelance writers are needed. Articles that relate to customer acquisition can make excellent content here. Every freelance writer can try this avenue. Every day, businesses are looking for information on ways they can grow, and freelancers can meet this need.
    You can present yourself as a digital marketer and present different strokes of your expertise. Alternatively, you can narrow down to a specific topic and bring excellent content. If you have a niche, you will get the big fish.

  • Technical writing

  • Most of the freelance writers in this niche have a tech background. However, that should not hinder you from trying your luck. What you need to have is the willingness to learn and research to get gigs as a technical writer. If you have a knack for details, can handle research and the ability to write a clear concise piece, then technical writing is your niche. It has also grown to incorporate press, releases, grant writing, briefs, and inter-office documents and so on, making it more accessible than it was before.

  • Personal finance

  • This happens to be among the most profitable niches that a freelance writer can explore. Finance is an emotive topic whose debate never ends and especially now that there are cryptocurrency trends around the globe. You need not have CPA or be a financial advisor to start. If you are passionate about investments, engage in research, or are interested in cryptocurrency, then personal finance is a niche worth exploring.

When you establish your niche, you increase and enhance your bottom line. You can check jobs in these niches and remember, high-quality work leads to long-term projects.

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