There are many people interested in making money from the comfort of their homes. Nowadays, almost everyone is garnering at becoming the best freelance writer. Some proficient writers have made a career out of online freelance jobs. Freelance writing can either be part-time or full time depending on your preference. However, the onus lies with the writer when it comes to finding the best freelance sites for writers as well as excellent clients for a steady flow of jobs.

In most cases, when a newbie is starting in this endeavour, their concern is about landing not just their first client, but also an excellent client. Well, that is a topic for another moment, but it is crucial to know that one can make a career out of freelance writing. If you are a beginner, there are different ways that you can use to build your career in freelance writing. The most obvious is to get a job from freelance sites for writers, which at times can be a long shot.

Conversely, wring perception about online freelance jobs can be a detriment to your success as a freelance writer. Do not start your career thinking that you will only get a gig from a job board, sign up on freelance sites for writers and you start earning. It involves a lot of work before you can make a considerable income. To build your online freelance jobs as a writer consider the following tips:

  • Settle on a niche that suits you

In as much as you would want to write everything that your clients demands, it would be better to create a niche for yourself. As a freelance writer, you do not have to write about everything because most of your time will be dedicated to research instead of writing. Clients pay for the final work, not research.

If you have some expertise in an area, make it your niche, and you will write more comfortable. However, it does not hurt to identify two or more areas that you can write about especially if you are starting out. You only need to ensure they are current, in demand and they pique your interest.

  • Package yourself well

You want to be a brand in freelance writing; you have to market yourself accordingly so that potential clients notice you. Come up with a LinkedIn profile and other social media sites. To be noticed as a freelance writer, you can post different questions on Quora since it is the easiest tactic to build your list of contacts and reach more people.

  • Say no when necessary

This can be hard, but if a client likes you and what you offer, they will come back. This narrows down to take a more specialised approach to online freelance writing jobs because that attracts most of the clients. Creating a niche enables you to say no if you are not comfortable with a topic that the client may suggest to you. This may be desirable to a client since it shows where you stand and what you promise to deliver.

  • Write compelling samples

After you identify your niche, write samples that are directly related to it. They should go in your portfolio, but it is also crucial to put them on other pages. You can post them on LinkedIn Plus or Medium. Another way to enhance your chances of becoming noticed as a freelance writer is to guest post your samples on other blogs. If you can link your writing from elsewhere, it enhances your credibility and skills. Clients will offer you jobs once they see your potential.

  • Generate good ideas, lots of them

If you want success in freelance writing, you need to generate ideas. This ability is the currency of online freelance jobs. If you can do this often, you stand a chance of landing better deals. The originality of your ideas will definitely lead to better chances of landing gigs. This is even easier when you have identified your niche. You can give ideas that you are sure to relate directly to your area. It is also a chanced for you to make suggestions to your clients on the best way to deal with a specific topic.

  • Talk to your clients about what you need

When you are looking for clients, you must have a clear picture of the kind of clients you want. This is occasioned by identifying the difference between the kind of business you want to build and the client. If you want to know the client, you need to look for consider asking yourself if the business that you want to work can hire you. Ascertain how your services will solve challenges facing the business to which you are about to apply.

  • Create a website

This is not a hard task since WordPress is available. In other words, you need not hire a web designer or a techie. You can borrow a leaf from other freelance writers who have websites. By setting up a website, you are also starting your freelance writing business. The site that you create must show your writing niche, background as well as your portfolio. Your samples do not have to be anything that you have written for a client. When you have a website, even if you are looking for online freelance jobs on freelance sites for writers, it will be easy to refer them to your page, where they will see your work.

On your website, you need not put your pricing since this is something you can negotiate with your potential clients. The negotiations should be based on your skills, your goals, and the overall charges of other freelance writers. However, do not base your pricing on what other bidding sites charge.

  • Ask for testimonials from your clients

Remember that you are building your career as a freelance writer. In every new job, the recommendation is a crucial factor in securing it. Once you write for your client and are sure he is satisfied, why not ask for a testimonial? Ask them to review your writing with the intent f putting them on your website. If it is okay with them, you can use their name, affiliation and at times, their photo. This adds credibility to what you are doing, enhancing your chances of landing better and excellent clients. To use such a testimonial, ensure that you have full consent from your client.

This may be impossible if you are starting out, but if you are consistent in your quest to be the best freelance writer, but if you are committed, patient and ready to build your reputation, you will build your career in freelance writing easily.

To work as an Academic freelance writer, you have to complete every task exactly as the clients want. In this business, there are no shortcuts, and just like any other job, you have to wake up every morning and prepare before you sit down with your laptop. As it is with other regular jobs, to become successful in freelance writing, you need to set goals, all of which you have to accomplish every day. This way, you build your career in freelance writing exponentially.

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