Marketing is a growing industry especially because it drives revenues to business investments, whether big or small. Many companies have grown through proper marketing strategies in all platforms. It uses all platforms of the media, which include TV, radio, print blog posts, social media sites and so on. Once you consider all these media, you will be amazed at how they enhance marketing. However, you have to know that it all depends on the skills of the copywriter.

How copywriting operates

It is evident that marketing has transcended the traditional means to embrace new technological tools. Times when office-generated brochures, fliers, and newsletters used to be in marketing are gone. Even though these things still exist, they are published and distributed monthly or annually. Marketing has expanded to incorporate SEO content, website landing pages, press releases, as well as print ads. All these have to be provided to the public as frequently as possible.
Now that marketing industry is web-generated, copywriting has incorporated writing sales letters, product descriptions, and reviews, SEO copy and so on. Copywriting has also morphed into the diversified promotional material, which businesses can use to mass market online and generate new traffic.

Finding freelance copywriting gigs

If you are an entrepreneur, it means you understand and know the importance of marketing. This makes it easy for you to get copywriting jobs. Meeting the demand and providing copywriting services, you have to be ready to produce fresh and new marketing content. When you become a freelance ad copywriter, you can get jobs from agencies. As such, you need a few pointers to land freelance copywriting gigs. They include:

  • Check the direction of the trends in the market

  • You have to market yourself as a freelance copywriter. You achieve this by following the existing and the new trends. You have to know the industry jargon, the talk and be updated on all marketing trends. Have a good knowledge of all the online marketing tools and techniques to assist you in ranking website content high in search engines. This will help to drive the required traffic.

  • Identify potential clients

  • Companies have their in-house marketing departments, but that should not deter them from seeking help elsewhere. You have a chance to assist them in their marketing and advertising efforts because some marketing agencies are looking for freelance writers to meet the ever-growing demand.

  • Be cool with outsourcing

  • Advertising agencies sometimes subcontract project-based work to freelance copywriters. As such, they come up with the work-for-hire type of an arrangement. In other words, the agency compensates you financially if you provide ghostwriting articles and the required content. What you only need to agree is to let them take all the credit for that work. Depending on the contract that you have, ownership and authority over the work remain with the hiring agency.
    Go professional
    If you are an amateur, it will be difficult for you to land clients from advertising agencies. Besides lacking experience, you may also not have samples or portfolio of published work. As such, you can apply for internship positions for you to train as an intern or as a temporary worker in a better-known agency. Either way, you have to take it professionally if you want to be successful in this niche.

  • Accept smaller projects

  • Starting small is never a bad thing especially if you are transitioning from an amateur to a professional freelance copywriter. As you take the smaller project, think big and start making your way into newer accounts. Once you have showcased your ability to accomplish smaller projects excellently, you will open doors to bigger projects that will match your caliber.

  • Create a portfolio

  • Most freelance writers that are successful in this field have portfolios. You can have a book with your portfolio of qualifications and other credentials. You can also include samples and references in it. A portfolio comes in handy especially if you do not have a degree in English, journalism or marketing. A great portfolio exemplifies your skills and markets you as an experienced and competent copywriter.

  • Test the waters in the local market

  • Most of the local advertising agencies like to enlist the services of freelance copywriters who live within the area of their business. Depending on your location, you can do an online search for ad agencies within your area.

    Broaden your search to explore the bigger market. In other words, search cities and states outside your locality. Some of the agencies will not mind if you are a freelance copywriter, provided you will provide quality work.

  • Gain more experience

  • If you have more experience, you will attract a higher price. As such, you have to work hard to prove your worth to your clients. The idea is to write a copy that turns leads into real sales.
    Those of you interested in freelance copywriting in this area can use these tips henceforth.

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