When it comes to freelance writing, different challenges abound, every freelance writer can attest that the road to success in this field is not smooth. However, there is no challenge that not insurmountable. It does not matter whether you are a beginner or a pro in this field. Challenges are there to shape us, but the not available for us to fear them. As such, there are several challenges that most freelance writers face, but have managed to beat them in the end. They include:

  • You want to be a freelance writer but have no idea how to start

  • It can be discouraging especially if you put down some compulsive words, only for them to never see the light of day. Writing for you can be cathartic; it is more fulfilling to write for an audience. Even though glory in freelance writing does not just come by, there are many steps that you can use to increase your chances of getting your work to an audience and turning your efforts into some cold hard cash in the end

  • Failure to find gigs

  • When it comes to freelance writing, it does not matter where you are apart time writer or otherwise. Finding gigs can be a challenge especially if you come across clients who ask you to work free so that you get “exposure”. Even though it can take time to get good clients, you have to remain persistent with whatever small traffic that comes your way. Even Rome was not built within a single day, and as such, work will come progressively. This means you have to be patient but persistent in your efforts.

  • Clients that do not pay up

  • This challenge has faced most writers, and some of them have ended up throwing in the towel. To a freelance writer, especially a full-time one, being paid is important. It is what keeps them going. However, some clients will either pay you excessively later or not pay at all after you have performed your service. You have to be careful with anyone that you transact within this field because not everyone has your best interests at heart. However, you can overcome this challenge by keeping the pressure on the client, contacting anyone who has worked with them before to know if they pay or you decide to let it go altogether.

  • You have content, but you don’t know where to take it

  • Freelance writers sometimes possess too many good ideas but have nowhere to take them. Many avenues are clamouring for content, and you can start by contacting them to see if they will take your content, maybe at a fee. If they offer ghost blogging services, you can start from there. When you do this ensure that you provide links to your site if you have one. Within no time, you will have an audience for your content.

  • You have no idea of how to pitch

  • You might have excellent content, but you do not know how to approach a client to pitch the idea. Figuring out how to can be a challenging task especially for a new writer. It is an art of its own, and as such, you should consult those who have already been in the field longer than you have. This helps in getting an idea of how you can pitch for other ideas that you might have in store.

  • No technical know-how of how to go about your blog idea

  • Every freelance writer knows that having a blog can boost your online presence. It is also a viable business idea, but even as such, it needs a real and live website, something that not every writer knows how to go about. To overcome this challenge, you can consult those who have the technical know-how of coming up with a good website. You have to know how you can start a blog of your own and start making cash from it.

  • Being a good freelancer but the pay doesn’t speak of itself too much

  • There is a difference between those who make really good money from this craft and those who make a lot less. Freelancers are always looking to turn the tide on what they earn because, at times, one may have the best skills, but the pay is not that encouraging. One has to ensure they earn their worth depending on the services that they are rendering. It might take time, but it is a challenge you can overcome if you are persistent and pitch more.
    To become a successful writer, you have to face challenges most of which you will overcome if you remain committed. However, some give up very early, and they fail to realise their full potential when it comes to freelance writing. Even though it might seem uncertain, you can still make it because nothing is easy in this world.

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