You can apply and get hired to so many freelance writing jobs around. You can support yourself as a freelance writer by the available opportunities in web and print freelance writing. Since the freelance writer is a term with many permutations, there are different companies, both online and offline that look for freelance writers. These are good avenues to start looking for important jobs that you can use to make good money.
We are going to dwell on different freelance writing jobs that you can find and how you can win them. In the meantime, freelance communities have bigger digital boards that talk about different job postings, all of which can be instrumental in your search for online freelance work.

Types of freelance writing jobs and how to get them

  • Web content

  • Many websites are looking for online writers ready to develop content for them. Most of these websites require their writers to use keywords and top search terms to help in generating traffic and pay a flat fee for a fee plus page view. However, it is crucial for you to read the fine print because some of these websites pay very little.
    To get this job, you need to visit websites and look for ‘Write for Us’ or ‘Jobs’ link and tender your application. Having a college degree is not mandatory, and the experience hinges on the content of such a site. However, if you already have a degree, then you are better off because you understand better on how you go about the writing process.

  • Web Copy

  • This involves writing sales, promotional or any other copy for a specific website. The difference between web copy and content writing is that content websites want to stock their site with content to generate revenue. Web copies are meant for other purposes like fostering interest in a service or a product through more traffic.
    To land this job, you need to consult job boards. Most site owners and webmasters advertise on different platforms like Craigslist and so on. You can also approach web owners independently and give them your letter of introduction asking them to consider you in their writing projects. Although not everyone will say yes, you stand a chance of getting positive feedback from one or two webmasters. You need to have excellent grammatical skills and knowledge, and some little experience can go a long way in becoming a good freelance writer here.

  • Blogs

  • There are many blogging jobs on the internet. Some online bloggers are doing well, and different blogging networks are looking for writers too. Individual web property owners and other online business owners are looking for bloggers. As many companies discover the power of web presence, expect a surge in blogging jobs shortly.
    Blogging jobs are some of the easiest jobs a freelancer can get. Different websites are advertising about blogging jobs and opportunities. However, you have to delve there with an open mind because not all of them pay better. Some blogs also offer incentives and bonuses to their writers. If you want to make good money as a freelance writer, go for blogs that are privately owned or them those that belong to corporations. You do not need to have a college degree, and most blogging networks do not require one to have much experience.

  • Newspaper reporter

  • Reporting for a newspaper or a magazine seems glamorous. However, it requires hard work, and at times, the pay is not commensurate with the work. You are expected to look for stories, breaking news, and work on unattractive pieces. You might also have to travel on weekends or holidays and venture into dangerous territories depending on the contract that you have with the magazine or the newspaper.
    To get this job, you need to directly apply to the newspaper or the magazine editors. You also are supposed to have a degree in journalism or communication, and if you are applying for a local newspaper, you need to have much experience. However, if you are targeting a more prestigious news outlet, more experience will be necessary.

  • Newspaper Columnist

  • Although this is a nice start for a freelance writer, it will not be anything that will help you in wearing fancy shoes. However, it is a rewarding gig and can lead to bigger things. If you want to get this job, you only need to pitch your column directly to the newspaper. Qualifications hinge on the type of column and the newspaper. If you are targeting a bigger newspaper, it is crucial to attach your resume.

  • Magazine freelance writer

  • If you get your foot in here, you might open doors to many blogger things. If your first assignment is a success, you will become a regular freelancer, and once you are featured in the single magazine, you may land writing assignments with other magazines and publications. If you establish a better relationship with the editors, you have a chance at getting freelance gigs. Newbies can also try to write such assignments and keep trying even when they are rejected.
    To land such a gig, you need to check different magazine markets on the internet and pick a copy of one of them. Learn what is expected of your from every magazine especially on querying authors before you can send in your pitch. The experience here helps but it is not of utmost importance, and you need not have a college degree.

  • Corporate copywriting

  • Different business establishments have opportunities for freelance writers who can write promotional copies, brochures, employee manuals and so on. This type of hiring is rampant because corporations are more inclined towards freelance writers than staff writers. As such, you must be knowledgeable in business writing as well as corporate business practices.
    You can search for newspaper ads if you are seeking this job and ensure that you have relevant experience.

One can use many online jobs as a stepping-stone towards becoming a good freelance writer. Try them now.

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