Freelance writing is a place laden with opportunities, and at the same time, it can be hard to get these jobs. Potential clients and hiring managers are constantly looking at your profile looking for something unique. There are thousands of jobs on the freelance market different positions around the globe, which sometimes becomes difficult for one to sift through. Hiring managers are also at pains to get the best freelance writers because the market is full of them. Most importantly, some of these freelance writers want to work part-time or full-time. As such, it can be overwhelming for the hiring manager or even a potential client to go through all the profiles and landing on the best candidate.
Developing your workflow and filtering job posts can be easy especially because you gain the necessary momentum and a shot at getting jobs. However, if you are the one seeking to hire freelancers, you will understand the other side of the coin. Hiring can be made easier by checking out five places on an applicant’s profile. If your profile gives the right indications, you are bound to be hired or given a chance for an interview.

Five places you can optimize in your freelancer profile

  • The title

  • Grab the attention of your client or would be the hiring manager. It shows them that you are ready and capable of doing the job. It should describe clearly, what the client could expect from you. For instance, if you are gunning for a media manager post, but in your title, you indicate that you are a freelance writer, it might not even be possible to get the job. The hiring manager will ignore your application and move on to the next.
    If you can include relevant skills in your title, it will be hard for the client or hiring manager to skip you over. For instance, you could indicate that you are a ‘top-notch blogger, social media manager, and marketer.’ You need not use a single phrase or limit it to words. Use symbols to separate these titles like this, ‘Social Media Marketing/Freelance writer/Virtual Assistant.

  • Overview

  • Describe what you are bringing to the table. Use this chance to address common challenges and concerns that your client might have. For instance, you can find out if they have problems writing blog posts or if they are overwhelmed by their marketing tasks. Use this chance to tell them how your services are going to help them out of the problem. Let them see your awareness of the issues that they are facing and that you have the solution that they need. This depicts positively on your reliability as a professional.

  • Work history and feedback

  • Most potential clients or hiring managers use this information as the deciding factor in the hiring process. It can be hard controlling what appears here, but you have full control of the experience your potential clients will derive from your service. If you provide the best service to your current clients irrespective of the size of the project at hand, you are on the right trajectory. You can list your previous job experiences to show your skills and reflect your motivation and commitment to what you are about to get.

  • Portfolio

  • This is where you provide proof of your claims shown in the overview section. Give samples of what you have done before knowing that hiring managers and potential clients will spend most of the time here. They seek to know if you have done similar jobs. Any items you provide must be back up with links. For instance, you can back up your items to the appropriate sites like blog posts, guest posts and so on. For guest post samples, provide only the articles that you have been credited with the work.

  • Tests and Certifications

  • They help in adding value and strengths to the hiring managers and potential clients. You can fill your credentials and take aptitude tests. Your scores will help in bringing to the core, your competencies, some of which you may not have an idea were part of the considerations for the job.

  • Establish your voice

  • Having a commanding personality as a writer is crucial. You can assume different roles throughout the day according to the demands of specific content. These roles have different voices, be it a boss, employee, father and so on. The idea is to have a defining voice for every job that you are going to take.

Optimizing on your profile is crucial in getting online freelancing gigs. As such, you can consult like-minded people within this field as it helps in developing your skills as a writer. You will get reliable clients, but always remember that your profile hinges on the quality of output to your clients.

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