Many people are looking for job satisfaction, and not everyone gets it. Some are shifting their focus to other things in pursuit of this satisfaction in discovering new ways that make their work easier. When working, it is important to enjoy the process, which is even better when passion is at play. Some dread their work, but when they merge their skills with intellect and passion, the road is much smoother than before.

It is better to be happier when you are working because that guarantees productivity. Your focus is directed on making the best out of the available time. When it comes to freelancing work, this ought to apply. Writing, in general, is a good venture, and if you have the requisite skills, you are bound to make it. Freelance writers must merge their skills with a passion for producing better outcomes for their clients.

With everything said, whether your business entails freelance writing jobs, web design, medicine and so on, you have to find a way to combine your passion with skills and intellect.

This is the fastest way that you will experience job satisfaction that you are searching. Freelance writing industry has employed many people around the world, with working from home as one of the fascinating factors about it. However, this should not be the basis of this venture because much is expected from a freelance writer than what meets the eye. In this first part, we are going to look at ways in which you can merge your passion, skills, and intellect to remain relevant in this field.

  • Exploring your passions

  • You can be a man of many interests finding yourself fascinated by things like rock climbing, blogging, online writing and so on. You may find some of these interests converging over time. For instance, you may find blogging, online writing, and personal finance coming together to warrant a venture into freelance writing. These aspects can provide a perfect basis for an income-generating venture and most importantly, one that you will do wholeheartedly because you love it.

  • Be an authority in a specific niche

  • To make it fast in freelance writing, you need to establish a good niche for yourself. If for instance, you are interested in blogging, you can take it as your area and make strides towards becoming an authoritative writer there. This will lead to opportunities for real income every month. Different companies are looking for bloggers who can steer their content online every week.
    If your passion can lead you to become an authority in a specific niche, you might be heading to something worthwhile. If that niche can generate good traffic especially in freelance writing work, you may have hit the jackpot.

  • Let your passion lead you out of your comfort zone

  • Just because you are a good article writer or blogger does not mean you cannot try other forms of academic writing. Your passion for writing should help you to explore different areas. Many freelance writers are making a kill out of writing research papers. However, it does not mean that just because others are trying, you delve in blind. You might be an expert in blogging, but leaping research paper writing can be tricky. However, there is no mistake in trying. You might surprise yourself by discovering how you can become at it. However, you have to give it a good thought first. You are not aware of what is on the other side of the door if you do not open it.

Most Importantly, understand that there are days that you will wake up psyched up about the article you are about to write, and in some days, you have no interest. This is normal, and you need to capitalize on the days that your passion and morale in writing is high.

Must-have skills to make freelance writing fun

Being a resident writer in a company means, you have a steady cheese every end of the month. However, this is not the case for freelance writers because they have to fend for themselves. A freelance writer must look for his clients and the projects to enable him to earn some cash. As such, it is crucial to have these skills and merge them with your passion for making the writing experience more interesting.

  • Understanding quick turnaround

  • Quality of work is important to every freelance writer. However, problems can arise if you spend too much time on small projects and this can cost you some good clients. If you want to make it as a freelance writer, you must be sound intellectually to plan on a good working schedule fork your online projects. Prioritize on finishing small orders, like blog posts of about 500 to 600 words in a matter of hours.
    You can become a good editor by spotting obvious errors in good time. Ensure that everything is written correctly and read your piece aloud to check on its flow.

  • Ability to write long-form articles

  • These consist of about 1200 to 2000 words per project. The word count of such a piece is less important than the information contained therein. A lengthy article demands you to maintain a consistent voice employing the best research methods in its organization. It also requires you to employ a strong framework to pique the interest of your audience as they read.

    Long articles also display your level of research and storytelling skills. The best part is, they have long deadlines that hinge on the topic being explored. As such, you must plan and structure your time well.

    The best thing is to research first, formulate an outline for the piece, and send it to your client for preview. This allows any necessary correction on the topic before embarking on the writing process.

  • Develop various writing styles

  • Some of the writing styles a freelance writer can master include casual, formal copywriting and lifestyle writing. When it comes to lifestyle writing, you write in a conversational style and engage your audience. Formal copywriting is a more strict style, and you must follow predefined rules to complete a project. You may be required to write about a specific product using keywords in a given number of times. As such, you8 have to understand your client’s industries to be able to write accurate information about their products and services as a freelance writer.
    Copywriting best suits those freelance writers who prefer to have predetermined topics as opposed to brainstorming for an article topic or blog post ideas.

  • Ability to edit

  • Having a good grasp of spelling and grammar is important for a freelance student. It is leeway to becoming a freelance editor. This will enable you to carry a varying workload and come in handy in times when you do not have the urge to write an article. As such, you must be able to fact-check everything.

Your skills, passion, and intellect in the field of freelancing are important. They enable you to look at how best you can make a living out of what you already have. If freelancing is a job that you truly love, then its time you started putting your entrepreneurial thoughts into action.

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