Freelance writing demands one to be very proactive because it does not allow one to relax. There is so much that needs to be done even when there is less work. Market yourself, as an online writer is crucial in winning profitable gigs. Promoting your services is essential for landing traffic to your site, that is if you have one. If you want to to make headway as a freelance writer, you have to ensure that your name is known out there. The idea is to find the right beat for you and everything will fall into place eventually.

So how do you go about it?

Making money online goes with planning on how you are going to prioritize your time. This post focuses on the simplest things that you can do every day to market your online writing services.

  • Start by guest posting

  • You have to know when you can guest post for free and when not to. This is a great way to make yourself seen by potential clients. Once they see your article, they will want to be associated with you. However, you have to ensure that your content is amazing enough to pique their interest. When doing a guest post, ensure you do it for big sites because they have more viewers. The best thing about it is that it is a sure way of marketing your online writing services.

  • Contact your past clients

  • This might seem inapplicable especially if you have cut ties after a project. You can ask them if they need anything that touches on what you do. It could be that they need copy updating or social media posts. You could do so much for past clients especially if you left on good terms.

    Even if there is not much that can come from it, it is a way to market yourself, and you never know when they can contact you for a good gig.

  • Connect with a potential client

  • You can send a quick email that introduces yourself and the services that you offer. You will be surprised that one or two clients respond. Remember that potential clients are your ideal audience and as you engage with them, making known your niche, you will be marketing yourself s an excellent online freelance writer.

  • It’s necessary to keep your email signature updated

  • Your email signature is an effective tool for marketing your writing services. You can have a ‘freelance writer’ or ‘freelance designer’ that links to your portfolio, Skype number, or event blog. There are so many potential people, and among the clients, that will read your content that day. You might get someone who needs a freelance writer like you, or, they might know someone who does.

  • Promote any pieces of your portfolio

  • Do not let some of your best work sit around and gather dust, so to speak. You can promote them once or twice especially on twitter. Promote the work that you feel can attract clients. This is one way of marketing your services. There are so many people going through twitter, and they might stumble on your work.

  • Optimize your social media

  • Social media platforms like Twitter are very essential to a professional online writer. Optimize on what it gives you and ensure you write what you do. It does not hurt to write that you are open for hire as an online writer. Ensure that your Twitter account likes with your portfolio site to make it easy for clients to trace your work. As for your professional picture, ensure that it is professional.

  • Make testimonials a necessity

  • Different clients that you work for will tell you if they are pleased with your work. If they send you such emails, you can include them as testimonials on your site. Positive testimonials are a good way to attract potential clients. Ensure you update your portfolio with this positive feedback regularly. However, as you do so, seek permission from the clients first. You can dedicate a section or even a page on your site to put testimonials from satisfied clients. Remember that you are trying to market your writing services online.

Marketing your online business will give it the necessary boost it needs. As a freelance writer, you have to be able to rely on your skills and wit to win excellent gigs. Most importantly, the quality of every project that you handle must be maintained. Ensure that you understand what your client needs and do your best to deliver o what you promise. As such, you will keep rising, and your online writing business will keep expanding.

With marketing comes with setting attainable goals and meeting deadlines. Freelance writing is about deadlines and meeting these goals. So go ahead and market your services.

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