You have spent countless hours, days, weeks, and months learning the inner working of online freelancing jobs. You spare every minute to position yourself as a blogger ready to take on better gigs and clients. As it seems, you are ready to pen shop and get everything rolling. The guest posts you have been earnestly writing pay off, and you get clients. You are so excited because you have landed a good client and directed all your attention to him.

You stop pitching; you no longer write guest posts because you think you have risen to the level of the best online freelance writer. You even avoid updating your social media profiles. You manage to get two clients who only need weekly content, and you think you have arrived.

As it stands, you are slowly killing your online freelance writing career before it even starts. For your information, freelance writing jobs are a hustle. When you think you have the best clients, something pops up and half of them dessert you and you are back to square one. When everything seems fine, you forget about marketing and promoting your skills and content, pitching or updating anything necessary that can help in taking your freelance writing career forward.

How you ruin your freelance writing career

This is how you ruin your freelance writing career before you even start

  • Becoming too pushy

  • Once you land a client, you want to do everything necessary to retain them. However, since you have become too pushy, your gig went from 8 posts in a month to 4 posts a month. Half of your pay goes away, and you are unable to service your bills. Once you become pushy, you ask too many questions. Even though the client wants you to deliver quality work as per his specifications, you end up asking too many questions, and the client might end up going silent on you. It is crucial to ask relevant and minimal questions only when necessary.

  • Presenting yourself as a know-it-all

  • Presenting yourself as a know-it-all instead of a knowledgeable and skilled professional you end up not only frustrating the client but also annoying them. When giving out information, clients think they are assisting you to achieve their vision, but on the other hand, you are not listening. While it is your job as an online freelance writer to know everything about SEO, lead generation, digital marketing and so on, you end up patronizing clients rubbing them the wrong way.

  • Making too many assumptions

  • Everybody is aware of what happens when you make too many assumptions. You end up turning in your work way past the deadline, and the client is not impressed. Sometimes you might be working for a client in a different time zone, and you end up assuming that the time of your deadline is as the same as his. Failing to confirm about this is a disadvantage that does not spell anything good for your freelance writing career.

  • Not paying attention to your real earning potential

  • Many bad-paying freelance writing jobs take advantage of good writers. If you bother yourself with such, you will not make any headway, and you will keep complaining about how bad online writing has become.

  • Being ignorant

  • Ignorance is one of the effective aspects that can kill any career. If you are a self-respecting online writer, you must rise above ignorance because your freelance writing career will be on a downward spiral because of it.

  • Spreading yourself thin

  • If you try to do everything in this field, you are going to fail terribly. You can only take much and as such, avoid taking too many gigs at the same time. Remember you can’t work 24-hours in a day, and if you try, chances of writing shoddy work are high. Not taking time off to can affect the quality of your work and the concentration that is needed. This mistake is commonly made by newbies with no idea of how much work one can take in a day.

  • Not learning new tricks

  • To be a competent online write, you need not have stinking knowledge. However, if you do not pay attention to new knowledge, your freelance writing career is on a direct collision course with failure. If you do not pay attention to important knowledge in this field, you will fail before you even know it.

When you start your online freelance writing career, be ready to make mistakes. However, if you do not learn from these mistakes, you stand no chance of becoming a better writer. The above tips offer perfect breeding ground for your failure in freelance writing jobs. As such, it is better to avoid these mistakes than to find out later that it is something you would have prevented.

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