Everyone wants to make good money in the shortest time possible. Freelance writing is one way to achieve such a goal. The freelancing world allows you to come up with ways that are adequate to create a consistent way to generate income, albeit not so fast in the first place. To get you started, you can opt to be a freelance blogger and make some money out of it. Some of the freelance writers have their blogs that they have capitalized to the maximum and are getting enough traffic to generate cash.

However, some of these freelance writers have no idea of how one can run a blog and make money out of it whereas others are exploring ways of monetizing the blog altogether. Irrespective of where you are, making good money with a blog and as a freelance blogger is very much possible. Conversely, you need to do away with the get rich quick mentality and focus on doing everything right.

If you want to make a profit as a blogger, consider the following insights

  • Blog private Ads

Among the many options you have is to work with advertising networks to sell private ads. If you get good traffic, advertisers may want to directly work with you as they seek a platform on your blog to place their ads. You are also at liberty to engage with advertisers by yourself. This method eliminates intermediaries, meaning you can set your rates for the ads that you are going to receive.

Private ads can be banners, links, or buttons. Writing sponsored posts is also a way to make good money. These sponsored posts enable you to tell the readers about an advertiser’s service or product. You can also write underwritten posts or series about any topic. In this case, the advertiser will pay you for the mention of “Brought to you by” in your content.

More so, you can place a one-time rate for a link within a single post. You can also charge a monthly rate if you are hosting banner ads.

You have the liberty to maximize your income if you sell sponsorship space in every email newsletter that belongs to you.

  • Monetizing your blog with CPC or CPM Ads

Placing ads on your blog can generate money. You can capitalize on CPC and CPM ads to make some good cash. Cost Per Click are banners that appear on your sidebar or in your content. Every click on the ad earns you some cash. CPM ads are ads that you pay a fixed rate based on the views of the add

  • Incorporating affiliate links on your content

Among the many ways of making money out of your blog is to include an affiliate link on your blog. This is affiliate marketing, and it works as follows:

  • An advertiser has a product he wants to sell, agrees to give you a commission from every sale if the buyer is visiting your site.
  • She then provides a special link that monitors your affiliate code to enable him to know when a buyer used your link to buy the product.
  • Include your affiliate link on your site through your content or banner ads. Once a reader clicks on your unique link and makes a purchase of the product you recommended, you earn a commission from that sale.
  • Selling digital products

If you are looking for another source of income other than product ads, you can sell digital products. Items like online courses, eBooks, Video, images or music which people can use in their content. If you choose any of these avenues, you have to tailor it to be relevant and useful to your audience. As such, you have to listen to your readers first, and they come up with a digital product that meets their needs.

All these techniques are useful especially if you own a blog. For a freelance blogger, this is how you can benefit from it:

  • Create your blog

Firstly, this is a good venture, but it only works if you are into it. If you are a newbie, you might lack a portfolio with which you can entice clients. However, you can use your samples to prove to your clients that you can do anything that they want to be done. This will help you in creating a successful blog, and it does not need to be all that ‘flashy’ in the beginning. With a blog, you have practical evidence of what you can do.

  • Establish a niche at which you are good

Do not be a jack-of-all-trades because you will not be unique. If you are an authority in a specific, niche, you stand a chance to earn better money as opposed to having many areas that you have not mastered.

  • Blog on your own

Even when you are doing freelance blogging, you need to keep up with your blog although you are not paying yourself. The idea is to grow your community and provide relevant content to the audience. The other way is to find ways that you can monetize your blog (see the tips above) to create another stream of income. You will earn yourself a following, and this is the time you can start selling eBooks, courses and other products to your audience. You have to market yourself as a writer in the freelance world.

  • Blog for specific readers

You can blog for the readers that you want because you have that freedom. Although this is not the ideal vision as a freelance blogger, it is better than nothing is. However, you have to ensure that every project that you have is something you can handle.

  • Look for regular clients

Time is a very crucial utility, and when you start working with a new client, you have to spend time learning and understanding them. Long-term clients guarantee a more steady income, and you can negotiate higher pay as you progress.

  • Be ready to write a lot of content

Freelance blogging is a work-from-home gig that you need not worry about the office. However, it does not mean it is easy because it requires hard work and dedication, just like other regular jobs. It can be daunting at times and so if you think it is about resting, then you need to reconsider your goals in life. Freelance blogging is every day, working-class kind of work that earns you money. You have to be ready to produce good content that helps publications and companies engage with their clients and readers excellently.

  • Increase your rates when the ideal time comes

After landing your first freelance blogging gig, you are not likely to get a lucrative deal, and that is all right. However, as your experience grows and you know your clients want to retain you, you can raise your rates to enable you to make good cash. Remember that as a freelance blogger, you do not have an appraiser who decides when the time is right to beef up your paycheck. This is your prerogative. You can raise your rate on an annual basis or depending on the rate of inflation.

Go not and start making money as a full-time or freelance blogger.

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