Freelance writing is a good career and can be made successful if the [person is determined to make the best of it. This frontier is lucrative and does not need an office, and if you know the right tricks, you are going to make it in the end. To be a successful freelance writer, several things must come into play. You must be ready to make sure that you live by them every day that you wake up to take on a freelance writing project. These include the following:

  • Service diversification

  • Freelance writing now is different from whatever it used to be in the last two decades. Freelance writers have many ways that they can use to earn money, for instance, through social media consultancy. This goes hand in hand with content development as well as its distribution for it to be effective. If you can offer this service, it is a way to diversify your source of income as an online writer. If you are not able to do to it, then you can outsource and still make something out it. Freelance writers who have been in the field more than you have usually offered more than just writing. They are social media strategizes, consultants and so on. The idea is to stay successfully employed as a freelance writer and meet the targets of their audience, of which if they dint, clients will look for better freelance writers with better services.

  • Diversifying your overall income

  • Just like the last point, if as a writer you can have more than one way of earning online, you are abounding to be successful. Some freelance writers have developed eBooks which they have self-published making some extra cash in the end. You never know your potential if you do not try. However, how can you diversify your income as a freelance writer?

    You can engage in affiliate marketing, blogging, fiction writing, eCourse development and so on. This diversifies your income and stabilizes what you earn, say, in a month. Making money in freelance writing is only limited by your imagination.

  • Set livable rates for your freelance work

  • This can be hard especially for freelance writers, but it is a necessary move especially if you intend to make a living out of writing. Many freelance writers fail to charge appropriately for fear of sounding too expensive and will find it hard to find clients. Even though this is understandable, one must be alive to the fact that freelance writing is a competitive field. If you are a successful freelance writer, rate wars are not necessary especially in instances where competing rates are much lower than yours are. As you set your rates, be reasonable enough to make sure you are considered for any available gig.

  • Market your services consistently

  • Every business depends on marketing and freelance writing is no different. Until you market your services, no one will know you exist. Successful writers understand this fact completely, and they put mechanisms in place to help in generating good traffic from different clients. You can set targets of prospective clients that you want to reach per day. You can email them, cold calling or postcard mailing. If your efforts are consistent, you will land a good client.

  • Know your numbers

  • You must be aware of the income, the average amount earned per project, clients that you have and so on. If you know these numbers, you know your freelance writing business. Numbers are the driving factors in any business because one can know the service that brings in the most revenue, the area that requires more concentration, the time to drop or add a service and when it is time to hire help. With this in mind, your freelance writing business is bound to be successful.

  • Work ON your business as opposed to working IN your business

  • Do not immerse yourself INTO a job, rather, BUIL your business and grow with it. Some freelance writers are used to handling everything by themselves and not earning enough cash to pay another person for help. You have to work on how you can grow as a writer in this field.

  • Consider working beyond 40 hours in a week

  • Freelance writing is dynamic, and at times, you will spend weeks with nothing to do, then you get three projects back to back. Some projects will not come when you need them, but they knock on your door when you least expect it. Develop a culture of working more than 40 hours and assign one day where you do not even log on your computer.

Freelance writing demands one to be proactive, and if you consider the above tips, you are bound to make it in this field. So take your time and start with the best freelance writing strategy for your career.

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