The idea of working for yourself has gained track over the last few years with most people going for jobs over which they have full-fledged control. Freelance writing is one of those jobs towards which everyone is gravitating. The flexibility aspect is what seems like the attracting factor monetary gains notwithstanding. If you are thinking of delving into freelance writing full-time or part-time, you need to weigh your options wisely and make the right decision.

With freelancing, you are guaranteed of subcontracting that comes with benefits that some people are now considering as superior to a fulltime-job. However, freelancing can also be full-time or part-time, but all boils down to the preference of the person. Several factors must come in to play when comparing both scenarios. Let us look at them:

  • Flexibility

  • Freelance writers have more flexibility in their schedule and the work that they choose to undertake as opposed to a salaried employee. A part-time freelancer also has the same flexibility only that his work is limited to the available time. This means that he cannot take too much work that he cannot finish within the deadlines. A full-time freelance writer can take or reject any assignments and may decide to work with clients who request work that is written in specific styles in which he is most comfortable. This enhances productivity and career satisfaction.

  • Thriving on change and variety

  • It is hard to predict a freelance writer’s life because the client schedule, workload and project types may vary significantly from month to month. This is the change that you need to grapple with as a full-time or a part-time freelance writer. For a part-time freelancer, this is not much of a problem because he has other means of generating money, and so the change might not affect him as much. A full-time freelance writer has to work hard because he is not guaranteed of a steady check at the end of the month. Hence, he has to take on different projects even when there are limited gigs.

  • Taking on different projects

  • As a freelance writer, there is more you have to do than just writing. You are responsible for marketing your services, sending invoices, creating contracts and so on. These tasks can take a considerable amount of your time, and as such, you have to be ready to undertake them especially if you are looking forward to building a career out of freelance writing.

  • Working independently

  • A full-time freelancer works independently and does not have co-workers like a person in a normal job. If you are excited, the idea of taking projects on your own, then full-time freelancing is the way to go. For a part-time freelancer, you will have to divide time between your normal job and freelance work. This can be daunting especially if you are working in a 9 to 5 type of a job.

  • Higher Pay

  • A part-time freelance writer can work to supplement his cheque at the end of every month. On the other hand, the amount of money that a full-time freelance writer makes depends on how many projects he has completed within a month. Taking on more work means meeting serious deadlines set by the clients and at the same time guarantee quality work. For a full-time freelance writer who builds his reputation on quality writing, clients will be willing to pay more to secure the services. This translates to higher pay as opposed to a freelance writer working part-time. Working part-time as a freelance writer with another job means there is another cheque fixed at a specific level, which can sometimes take time before they get a pay increase.

    For those of you, who do not prefer full-time freelancing, stick to part-time because:

    • You are guaranteed stable cheque every end of the month
    • You want to pick your clients
    • You do not enjoy marketing, or you lack skills in it
    • You do not want to rely on freelance writing to cater for your bills

    For those of you who want to become full-time freelance writers:

    • You enjoy taking on different tasks
    • You want to work as an independent person
    • You enjoy freelance writing

The idea of working as a full-time or a part-time freelance writer depends on the person. Those that find it hard to deal with the pressure that comes with full-time freelance work should stick to part-time freelancing and retain their normal job. Full-time freelance writing has its fair share of challenges just as part-time freelancing. However, if you want to make a career out of freelance work, you need to work hard and meet every goal you have set. The secret to freelance writing success is to adhere to the instructions of the clients and delivering quality writing. Make your decision now.

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