Are you the kind of a person who does not feel inclined to follow an 8-5 schedule? Do you hope and wish to work one day at the comfort of your house with minimum pressure? Great! Crazy professor is here to rescue your ambitions. Crazy professor is an online freelance writing company that allows you to make a career out of your talent and passion – writing. We allow people to determine their own income by giving them the choice to decide how much money they and work they need.

We have been diligent in our work and customer’s relations, and with that, we have been able to expand our clientele. This expansion has come along with the demand for more authors to assist us meet the high workload. Our clientele mostly consists of students who require assistance in completing their assignments.

If you have an ambition or an aspiration to become a freelancer, we are giving you an opportunity to not only give what you have, but also enrich yourself with more and valuable knowledge since our tasks are diversified in different fields.

We recruit writers who are either English as the Native language speakers or English as the Second Language speakers. For the ESL writers, they must have good command for English in both written and spoken. We expect all aspiring candidates to at least have a wide knowledge in areas like History, Education, Marketing, Accounting, Creative Writing, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Finance, Nursing, Engineering, Computer Science, Business, and Communication.

We are a home of excellence and professionalism, and we only hire writers who meet a good academic standing. These qualifications include a bachelor’s degree and proficiency in the English language regardless of your native language. Other requirements include availability, especially via the phone, ample access to the internet, and comfortability to use the mode of payment that we support – PayPal.

Here at crazy professor, we acknowledge you as your own boss. We guarantee you a decent compensation for all the services that you will render on our behalf, excellent and convenient working conditions, adequate room for personal development, ability to adjust the work load by yourself, and the ability to choose the task you are able to handle with ease.

These skills are essential, especially to those that are pursuing their postgraduate degrees. If as a writer you know how you proofread and edit dissertations and other major documents, then your skills will earn you a place at crazy professor. This is an open opportunity for writers who want to explore their capabilities and skills.

We penalize writers for plagiarism, overstepping deadlines, failure to follow instructions, poor grammar, or unjustified refusal. However, if you demonstrate high working efficiency, you are guaranteed a heft compensation for every project that you complete on time. The idea is to keep you motivated to keep writing quality work, and to maintain your efficiency as a writer.

Our writers are rated by clients according to how efficient they were in their work. This gives us, and the writer the pride to know where they rank and in the future, and it also earns the writer another job from the same client or a referral. It is the responsibility of a writer to ensure their ratings are very good as they act as their selling point.

There are multiple things to do online and earn money. Crazy professor is a genuine company that offers genuine opportunities to enable you transform your hobby and leisure in to cash. You may contact at any time to verify our legitimacy. Register with us today and start earning immediately.

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