Freelance writing is one way of making a living especially to those people who love putting words together. Spending all day thinking, researching, and writing about different topics is good, and the best part of it is, you can be paid for it. However, there is more than meets the eye when it comes to online freelancing. There is a lot of information that pertain to online freelance writing, but the most important thing is how successful a writer is based on the ethics of freelance writing. Many choose this line of work because of its flexibility where were others finding their footing in this area due to lack of regular jobs. Either way, freelancing is a source of work for many people.

Ethical concerns about online freelance writing

Freelance writers face different challenges every day. However, the way each writer deals with these challenges determines the kind of a character as well as their future in online freelance writing. One must adhere to high standards of ethics to remain marketable because the quality of the working couple with its originality is part of the requirement for success here. Major ethical issues a writer has to contend with every day include plagiarism, honesty, reliability, integrity, kindness, and son. Let us dissect these aspects comprehensively.

  • Plagiarism

This is arguably one of the biggest hurdles to becoming the best online freelance writer. Copying someone’s work is a huge no for any writer. You might think that it does not happen, but some websites have published other people’s work every day without any attribution.

Online writers who write for students must refrain from this vice because as far-reaching effects, some of which lead to retraction of research papers and recalling of degrees. As such, ethics of freelance writing demands the writer to be very careful about plagiarism. Any work lifted from a source must be well cited and referenced accordingly to make the piece credible.

  • Honesty

The hallmark of ethical freelance writing is presenting truthful and correct information. Editors might identify some misinformation, but the onus is on the writer to ensure that all the facts hold water.

  • Reliability

If you can do what you promised, that is good for business. It shows your character as well as dependability. If you can deliver as promised, it is easy to be trusted with other responsibilities. It is ethical to ensure that you deliver the work on or before the agreed deadline. Your efficiency as a writer will be enhanced, and this will win you more online gigs. However, meeting these deadlines does not mean you compromise on the quality of the work that you deliver. Reliability extends even to the quality aspect of freelance writing.

  • Integrity

If you can refrain from writing slanted reviews, then your integrity as a freelance writer remains intact. Your success as a freelance writer also depends on how well you value integrity.

  • Kindness

Freelance professional writers must be kind as it helps in remaining relevant. If you are not able to treat clients well, then you do not stand a chance of winning writing gigs, especially on freelance writing websites.

Online freelance writing keeps the minds of these writers active because they are constantly researching, thinking, and writing about different topics. However, it is better to leave a topic that you do not think you can tackle, than taking it and producing a shoddy piece on it. This is part of ethical writing. Writing false reviews and the unsubstantiated information is also unethical for an online writer.

Making the judgment call

Every freelance writer must make a sound judgment on the kind of work that he is supposed to work on. You have to consider that deeper effects of your actions as a writer because the words that you write can inspire, create and sell comfort. This responsibility carries great power. Even though you are looking for online writing opportunities to generate some income, ethics must apply. As you make this judgment call, you have to put yourself in the shoes of the clients and find out what you would do if someone duped you in writing.

Emphasizing the professional aspect of online freelance writing

Online freelance writers must stress the professional aspect of their work. This averts lies to the audience, making this business fair enough for everyone. You are lying to the audience if you:

  • Skew the facts to make a point or even making these points up

  • Embellishing your credentials

  • Putting your information out there without hard facts, instead of opinions

  • Overpromising to your clients but under-delivering

  • Repurposing your clients content but your own

  • Presenting other people’s ideas as your own

  • Working for clients who do not care about ethics because they want you to make them look good

As such, this places online freelance writing under attack because someone somewhere is misusing his or her ability to write. It is crucial to work ethically even though at times those who have no idea what it takes to be an online freelance writer may discredit you.

Operating ethically as a professional freelance writer

This primer will help you to remain within the confines of ethical online writing

  • In case you write research papers substantiate all your statements

Your sources must be credible to help you in substantiating your claims. If you cannot do this, it is better to stick to other forms of writing, preferably fictional writing.

  • Attribution is important

If you did not say it, you have to show who did.

  • Promise what you are sure to deliver

Keeping promises that you make is very important and ethical. If you are not sure that you can deliver anything on what you promised, better leave that to somebody else. That leaves your reputation intact.

  • Do not twist facts to make money

It is very unethical to twist facts because you want to make money. This will make it hard for the audience to believe what you write moving forward.

The most unethical and dangerous offense to commit as a writer is plagiarism. It is a universally punishable offense whether in professional circles or academia. As a professional online writer, it is unethical to present to a client, work that is not original. If you have taken any information from a source, acknowledge it accordingly. Quality work is what makes a professional freelance writer online thrive in this business. If for instance, you have presented factual errors, it will lead to misrepresentation or misinterpretation of a phenomenon.

Adherence to bad ethics leads to bad business for online freelance writers

Even though some writers might let some of these vices slip into what they do, they are going to suffer in the end. Online freelance writing is business like any other, and writers must ensure that they stick to the ethics that lead to better opportunities in the future. Being an online writer is excellent, and earing something out of it is another nice experience. However, you have to be alive to the vices that are involved and know how well to navigate around them. This is a place you can find good work, but it can go down the drain if you are not careful as a writer. Remember that ethics enhance professionalism.

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