Freelancing business is not an easy one, and it takes a strong heart to continue. Although many people think it is an easier way of getting income, there is more than meets the eye. Some of the online freelance writers you see around have had chances of giving up due to frustrations that come with the job. You do not get to hear from clients every day, some refuse to pay whereas other online writers do not have the zeal to continue. Well, there are many things that can contribute to one quitting this business. However, resilience is key and it takes a good work ethic to make it in this field.

One of the biggest blunders in life is the fear of trying something because you risk failure. Well, failure is the other side of the coin that precedes success. Freelance writing is a good source of work, but that does not mean it does not have its challenges. Most importantly, how you deal with these challenges and bounce back to where you wanted to matter a lot. This article is providing you with tips on how you can bounce back from failure in freelance writing and becoming the best writer.

Tips on how to bounce back in freelance writing

  • Take a metal break

  • You have just lost a very good client and are worried about how you are going to get online jobs. Instead of sulking to your misfortune, you need to take a break and process what you have lost. This will help you in getting back to the right state of mind because losing clients can be frustrating. However, you need not take long because that is only a misstep and if you are committed to online writing, you have to look for better-paying clients.

  • Set a pitch objective

  • After processing your loss and clearing your mind, you need to get back in the game. Refrain from taking too much time because that will hinder your comeback. When you decide to step back in, come with objectives. You can set daily pitching objectives because they are a good strategy for starting afresh. You can have five cold pitches per day, and if you know your numbers like salespeople, this strategy is bound to bear positive results.

    You can ask someone to look at your pitch to identify any opportunities for improvement. Stop spending time on jobs that you are not sure they are going to pay your bills. You can also set calendar reminders to assist you in following up with any client you have not heard from in a week. If you pitch for different niches, you can create a template email for each one of them.

  • Revisit your existing network

  • The next job that you are looking for maybe just a step away because of a good client maybe within your network. On the other hand, do not come out as desperate but instead, present your pitch in a manner that shows how you are going to provide the client with quality work. You can contact a client whom you have not worked with for a while or anyone who never ended up giving you online work.

    Reach out to friends in the freelancing industry and check if there is a chance for work. You can post on all your social media pages or even blogs and websites that you have to attract new clients. Your niche or qualifications can help in getting the attention of your clients.>

  • Invoke consistent marketing efforts

  • If you have lost one or several clients, you have ample time to work on your brand. The idea here is to start something long-term. You can have an email sign up from your website. You will be able to attract relevant clients who subscribe to your website. Weekly email updates with details of recent work and industry-appropriate content can help in garnering clients that are more relevant. You can also have a social media strategy where you tailor every content according to the formatting of that network. Guest posting is also another way to help in bouncing back from a freelance loss. This will help you to reach out to an audience who might want to get in touch with you because they have seen the quality of your work.

  • Rejuvenate your professional material

  • Rejuvenate your professional material to ensure that they are not undermining your efforts to bring new and relevant clients. Some jobs seek samples whereas others demand resumes. Let your resume speak about your freelance writing services and experience. You also need to edit your portfolio for any errors relating to SEO, mobile responsiveness and so on. You also need to update your social media bio and ensure it has compelling reasons as to why people should visit your website for more information or get in touch with you. Change your cover image especially on LinkedIn and put a professional headshot. You also have to optimize on every section for job-related keywords. You can ask for a recommendation from trusted colleagues.

If you have the right skills in freelance writing, you are bound to become better. However, challenges are there, and the best way is to remain steadfast if you want to succeed in this field. Giving up is no option in life, and if you have been frustrated by clients once in your freelance work, you need to wake up and work towards getting relevant people who will be interested with what you offer. Do not sit back because there is always a chance for improvement. Mistakes along the way come with good lessons, and this is a way you can replenish your zeal towards becoming the best writer. If you are seeking a new beginning in the freelance writing business, consider the above tips. Refrain from having a negative mindset and move towards becoming what you want. Become more self-aware, pick up the pace and let your freelancing start shine.

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