Writing encompasses so many aspects. Writers in any field have to choose what they want to engage in when it comes to writing. One can choose to be a blogger, novelist, poet, and columnist and so on. The most common aspects of writing are academic and article writing. They have given birth to an age where freelance writing has morphed into a lucrative business for many people. Today, different freelance writers offer different writing services to different clients. These services entail business report, book reviews, academic papers such as dissertations, term papers and so on. As such, online writing services have risen to a level where they have become a serious way of getting income.

When one wants to become an online writer, they must establish a niche through which they are known. Some writers are well versed in academic writing whereas others gravitate towards articles. Academic writing and article writing are two different aspects that we are going to highlight.

Academic writing

Different writers who offer freelance writing services deal with academic papers. An academic paper is based on facts. The writer has to do incisive research based on the topic. This type of writing is formal, focused, and uses a distinct style of writing. It does not include jargon, slang or any other informal language. In the case of abbreviations, any academic writing must explain what it stands for.

Any freelance writer who offers these services must put enough effort to write an academic paper thoughtfully. It follows an outline and a consistent style. Most institutions of higher learning have a preferred style. As such, when you receive an order from a client about any academic writing, the style must be included.

Academic writing styles

The MLA, Harvard, Chicago, APA are the most popular styles of writing academic papers. To every freelance writer who offers academic writing services, you must know these styles because they have distinct rules regarding citations and referencing.


Academic writing targets a more informed audience, making it a very serious paper. A simple academic paper will have the following format:

  • Abstract- summarises an article, thesis, review or any other piece of writing

  • Books and book reports

  • Dissertation/thesis

  • Research paper

Most importantly, academic writing uses the third person perspective, focuses on the research problem that is being examined. The idea of academic writing is to ensure that a group of scholarly individuals achieves an understanding of a complex idea.

Evidence-based reasoning

Academic writing demands a freelance writer to present evidence-based paper. This presents sound reasoning and understanding of an area of knowledge and existing debates that surround a particular issue. As such, online writing services must ensure that their evidence is within and outside the discipline on which the paper is anchored. The strength of any academic paper is based on the evidence presented because it has to convince the audience completely. Academic writing is a simple proposition of a solution to an existing problem and the recommendations for the best course of action.

Article writing

One of the essential aspects of article writing is clarity. It uses a clear and precise language to communicate the message to the audience. Many people are becoming online article writers and are making a kill out of it. This is one of the most thriving business undertakings that offer online writing services to different types of clients. Article writing entails blogs, letters, memos, press releases and so on. Big organizations are taking advantages of article writing to introduce necessary content to push their brands, especially on the online platforms. Best Freelance writers are engaging in guest blogging to find a wider audience and attract more business to their sites. The idea is to ensure that the writing skills are noticed by many.

Article writers are selling themselves as content developers who give clients better footing on the online market platform. Article writing follows a tone that is not overly formal. However, it must be professional since it is based on a clear idea. Sometimes article writing has restrictions when it comes to the number of words needed. It does not use clichés and any other unnecessary words. Article writers are encouraged to avoid fluff or phrases that do not make sense, only that they are there to enable the writer to reach the minimum word count.


The formats of article writing include executive summaries, press releases, business emails, letters, and memos and so on. Article writing uses an active voice. An article writer has to use action verbs and short sentences. Sometimes creativity is required depending on the kind of an article one is writing. As opposed to academic writing, this time the article writer can invoke his creative self to drive the message home. Articles are posted on blogs, news websites, and social networks and so on.

How a freelancer writes an article matters a lot. As opposed to academic writing, the writer here can jump into the action right after a simp0le introduction. To capture the attention of the reader, they can start the article with a quote or an interesting anecdote. This is why article writing is easier to do as opposed to academic writing. There are no strict rules; only that one has to present his idea in a simple and precise manner.

However, it does not imply a lack of research. If as a writer you want to sound convincing, ensure that you do your homework on the topic you are discussing. It gives your article more authority. Articles are shorter than academic papers, and they take less time to write.

The differences

From the above information, there are notable differences between academic writing and article writing.

Here are the differences

  • The article uses a professional tone although it is not overly formal. On the other hand, academic writing uses a professional, focused, and formal tone.

  • Article writing does not follow a predefined style of writing as opposed to academic writing. Any freelance writer must ensure that they know how to write in APA, MLA, Harvard, or any other preferred style.

  • Articles are short when compared too academic papers

  • Articles take less time to write, but academic papers may take even up to three months depending on the research involved.

However, the common thing between these two writing aspects is that they require well-developed ideas that are communicated clearly and precisely. They both take serious tones whether they are making recommendations for change or presenting an opinion on a given matter. They both require proper grammar, punctuation, and spellings to communicate effectively.

Final Word

As an online freelance writer, you need to know what you are good at. For those of you venturing into the world of online writing services, establish your niche so that when you hit the market, you know what to expect. Do not be a Jack-of-all-trades because that might depict you as a confused fellow. Different clients are looking for different online writers who can meet their goals. If you are into article writing, you know what it entails and so do academic writing enthusiasts. Engage your client with a useful approach depend on what you decide to pursue in the world of freelance writing.

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